To Porsche or not to Porsche

I have dreamed about driving a Ferrari and have snicked that iconic H box up into 4th, 5th, 6th even. But in my dream I had no idea which model I was driving suffice to say it must have been pre-2011 for that was when they stopped offering manual boxes and forced those moneyed enough to buy the flappy paddles.

I have dreamed about being some sort of Bond-esque character and obviously about to jump into an Aston. Any would do I guess because again the model did not come into it.

By: FotoSleuth

I have dreamed about climbing up into the driving seat of one of Europe’s continent crossing trucks, most probably laden with Albanian refugees or some such cargo, but again the make and model of the vehicle is unknown or unseen.

However, when I dream about Stuttgart’s finest the model is unmistakeable. It is always and very obviously a 911. That upright wheel, the almost vertical rake of the windscreen, the less is more dash and of course it has a stick and a bunch of gears just waiting to be found by my left hand. Yes, it does sound sexual, because it is, sort of.

So are my Porsche fantasies only destined for my dreams only or will they ever come true? Glancing through the classifieds reality does appear to be looming closer. Smart 993’s are available from $35k upwards. If my budget could stretch another $20k I could just about get hold of a 996.

By: The Car Spy

So which would I go for?

Do I opt for modernity, a water cooled engine and a sleeker look or am I swayed by the charm of an air cooled engine, higher mileage and that infamous rear drive kick in the teeth?

By all accounts the best bang for buck is the 996 TT but it does have IMS issues and if I choose a car that has not been well looked after I could be staring at a hugely expensive engine change just because of a silly little gasket thingy in the drive train that should have been changed.

No, lovely as it is and however unlikely an engine failure may be, I would probably go for the 993. Its retro looks, its unmistakable sound and its fabled status of pure drivers’ car in which you must learn its limits as well as your own, yes that is my first Porsche. And at first glance its cheaper too.

Now who will let me drive one?

By: FotoSleuth