Bentley Continental GT Research

So we’ve established that a Bentley Continental GT is a) very nice and b) almost affordable. Nothing much has been known to go wrong with them on a habitual basis, mechanically at least. The biggest issue for any prospective owner is really whether you can afford to maintain it. A minor service can set you […]

Alfa Romeo GT Research

Should you buy … an Alfa Romeo GT? Price when new: from $79,990 
in 2006 Price March 2014: $11,990 – $35,000 I’ve been hesitating before commencing this post. Why I procrastinate is simple. It’s time to consider an Alfa. Yes I know. I want to walk home, it’s great to look at someone else’s and […]

Jaguar S-Type-R Research / Buyers Guide

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to satisfy that Jag itch. You quite like the retro look of the S-Type but you need more oomph, a bit more pizzaz. It’s the Type-R you want but are not sure where to start. It is almost advisable to find a decent specialist before you even start […]

Long Termer: Land Rover Discover 3 TDV6

It’s been service time for the Disco. Basic oil change and new air filters. Ignoring the binging and warning light for the brake pads is not advised, certainly not for the few weeks I have done. It means that the pads have chewed up the disc rotors and they need replacing. The wife managed to […]