Bentley Continental GT Research

So we’ve established that a Bentley Continental GT is a) very nice and b) almost affordable. Nothing much has been known to go wrong with them on a habitual basis, mechanically at least. The biggest issue for any prospective owner is really whether you can afford to maintain it. A minor service can set you […]

Alfa Romeo GT Research

Should you buy … an Alfa Romeo GT? Price when new: from $79,990 
in 2006 Price March 2014: $11,990 – $35,000 I’ve been hesitating before commencing this post. Why I procrastinate is simple. It’s time to consider an Alfa. Yes I know. I want to walk home, it’s great to look at someone else’s and […]

Mercedes CLS 500 (C218/219)

Mercedes CLS 500 – The best looking Merc? I have a problem with Mercedes drivers. Well one in particular, the driver ahead of me on the Pacific Highway just south of Griffith, who has purchased a Mercedes CLS 500 but refuses to explore its depths of acceleration. Rather, he prefers to pull out when an […]

Mercedes SL500 R129

Mercedes SL500 – Teutonic luxury that stands the test of time “Nice car mate,” shouted the fluorescent vested workman outside the pub. “Thanks, it certainly is,” I said, muttering it’s not mine as I walked past. We laughed. He, because he probably thought I’d stolen it, for how else was a 22 year old able […]