F40 versus F50

Uk based journalist, Chris Harris, lucks out when the owner of two of Ferrari’s finest insists he drive them hard. Now unfortunately the Ferraris in question are not what you’d say affordable, but they are one of the few that are truly an investment


By: Ishan Manjrekar

Published by Mike Hollobon

I am a self proclaimed car fanatic, an avid driver and certainly more than a little anal when it comes to maintenance. I collect car magazines and cherish them like first editions. I've become a 'show me a tail light and I'll tell you the model' bore. I can spend hours discussing the merits of the latest sports car, people mover, SUV or city car. I am the guy who looks out of the window at the cars in the car park rather than the legs of the new office administrator. I love cars. But hitherto now I've not been able to afford the ones I’d really like, unless I turn to the pre-owned pages.