The New Jaguar XJR


It seems I have a new favourite Jag, with news that the XJ now joins the XF and soon to be released F-Type and adds the letter R to its title. With 550 bhp and a 0-100 km/h time of around 4.4 seconds, all of my family can enjoy the old adage – grace, space, pace. Can’t wait till it hits the second hand markets and becomes a little more reasonably priced.

The BBC takes up the story:

Has someone just bettered the best Porsche?

Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911

No doubt the costs of this beautiful 911 is out of reach for many of us, but isn’t it great that people around the world are attempting these things.


The words, writes the BBC,  “Everything Is Important” are scrawled large in black ink on the whitewashed walls.

Successful musicians often buy exotic cars, but rarely do they make them. Singer Vehicle Design Porsche 911 is what happens when that rule of thumb is broken. Rob Dickinson was a member of the 1990s alternative rock group the Catherine Wheel, before tiring of show business and moving to California to make cars ….