Range Rover Evoque SD4

A little something for the weekend, Madam It would not be hard to fathom that I like Land Rovers. I own one and weep constantly at the bills that arrive whenever the word “service” enters the fray. They are both excellent and extravagant, particularly if you live in a city and rarely take it into […]

Chris Harris wellies an F40 and an F50

F40 versus F50 Uk based journalist, Chris Harris, lucks out when the owner of two of Ferrari’s finest insists he drive them hard. Now unfortunately the Ferraris in question are not what you’d say affordable, but they are one of the few that are truly an investment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MDTcXGsjuo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Buyers Guide: Porsche 911 (993)

So Great Aunt Mildred has left you some cash and rather than do the proper thing and save it, or put it towards a mortgage, or buy the wife that massive rock she always wanted, you have chosen to blow the lot on a Porsche. But not just any Porsche, you have chosen to go […]