What does AU$10,000 or less get you?

Can you find a dream car for AU$10,000 or less?  What do I constitute a dream car firstly? For me it needs an element of exclusivity. It needs power. It needs to be well put together and obviously well loved. Ideally it will have the best spec available at the time and it also needs […]

Alfa Romeo GT

Alfa Romeo GT, hmmmm, mmmm I say hmmm because it’s the first thing that comes to mind. “It’s an Alfa,” for those un-initiated in the Alfisti, is synonymous with “it’s a piece of shit,” let’s face it. Not to look at mind, but with respect to reliability. I guess it’s the automotive equivalent of marrying […]

Mercedes SL500 R129

Mercedes SL500 – Teutonic luxury that stands the test of time “Nice car mate,” shouted the fluorescent vested workman outside the pub. “Thanks, it certainly is,” I said, muttering it’s not mine as I walked past. We laughed. He, because he probably thought I’d stolen it, for how else was a 22 year old able […]