What does AU$10,000 or less get you?

Can you find a dream car for AU$10,000 or less?  What do I constitute a dream car firstly? For me it needs an element of exclusivity. It needs power. It needs to be well put together and obviously well loved. Ideally it will have the best spec available at the time and it also needs […]

Chris Harris wellies an F40 and an F50

F40 versus F50 Uk based journalist, Chris Harris, lucks out when the owner of two of Ferrari’s finest insists he drive them hard. Now unfortunately the Ferraris in question are not what you’d say affordable, but they are one of the few that are truly an investment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MDTcXGsjuo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Long Termer: Land Rover Discover 3 TDV6

It’s been service time for the Disco. Basic oil change and new air filters. Ignoring the binging and warning light for the brake pads is not advised, certainly not for the few weeks I have done. It means that the pads have chewed up the disc rotors and they need replacing. The wife managed to […]