Frixo – A useful traffic resource when in the UK

Frixo has been in touch recently, a UK based free traffic report service, to suggest that for anyone planning a trip to Old Blighty that they should check with them before heading off anywhere. With clogged and congested arteries seemingly at any time of the day or night, if memory serves me correctly, this could be a […]

Land Rover Discovery 3 Long Termer: Update

Kms when bought: 235,000 Current Kms: 286,000 Last service:  278,000 Costs B Service: $630 Tyre: $250 Bearing: $500 I’ve been remiss since the last update, way back in September last year, but it seems that I have now caught up with the problems I bought 3 years ago. The only issue that has arisen since September was […]