There is life in the old dog yet – Nissan Casting Australia shows the way

Though I tend to think that the electric car phenomenon is only worthwhile when the energy produced to develop electric cars comes from clean or sustainable sources, it still goes to show that Australian innovation finds a way. Well done Nissan Casting Australia.  

Land Rover Discovery 3 Update

At least I didn’t buy an Audi Q5 After all the rubbish I get from drivers of mostly Japanese cars, all the jibes about my car’s reliability resembling a long and winding dog turd, all the should-have-known-better’s and I-told-you-so’s, it takes a bloody non-Land Rover Discovery 3 part to almost kill my Disco. The German […]

Now that’s expensive

Give us an expensive break Finally commentators are waking up to the ridiculous over payments Australians make every year for second-hand cars. You may have noticed that over the last 18 months I have raised the spectre of just how much the Australian market is being ripped off and has been for many years. They […]