About Rezoom

About ReZoom

I started dreaming about cars sometime in the mid 1970’s when a family friend drove up our driveway in a late model MGB GT V8. I was a mere 6 years old and it was all sleek and impossibly sporty. The sound attracted me first, followed by its chrome details, then the smell of its leather seats, but funnily enough the memory that is clearest is that of the small button on top of the gear lever that said “Overdrive.” How I wanted to press that button, just to see what it would do. I half expected it to fly.

Then my father made friends with the owner of a Lotus garage up the road, not sure how, but I was glad he did when one weekend he came home in a Lotus Elite. My parents are quite lofty so it must have been a trial for them to get in. Not that I had a worry, I could comfortably fit into one of the bucket seats at the back. We spent the weekend driving up to London and would have handed it back in the pristine condition it was lent us if it was not for some scrote who smashed the back window to steal our luggage. So we limped back home and handed back a rather disheveled looking piece of exotica but the dye had been caste. I was hooked and I spent the rest of my childhood and remaining years since poring over such magazines as Fast Lane, Performance Car, Car, Top Gear and now Evo, my current favourite.

Unfortunately, for most of us, the prices of exotic cars, when new, are just prohibitive, even more so in Australia with our luxury car tax and the vagaries of foreign exchange. So how do us mortals get to own one of our dream cars? Pre-loved and second hand is how, and there are some incredible deals out there that put them within reach.

So to make an informed decision we need to know what the costs of ownership are likely to be? What could go wrong, how much does a repair cost, who should maintain it and what is the likelihood of a decent price if we do go to sell? This is what Rezoom is about. We try to provide the information needed to negotiate intelligently, as well as a forum for owners to laud their favourite mechanic or pass on valuable advice and for service centres and dealers to tap into a community of motivated buyers.

So review, research, renew. Rezoom.

Mike Hollobon

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